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Sepsis is a complication of an infective illness which can result in multi-organ failure and death if not diagnosed and treated promptly. Severe sepsis and septic shock are medical emergencies which require intensive care treatment by expert medical practitioners.

Sepsis is more likely to occur in patients with weakened immune systems who have already been admitted to hospital with a serious illness, have undergone major surgery or who have chronic health conditions (such as cancer, liver disease, renal failure or lung diseases).

Medical negligence can arise in the management of sepsis where there is a failure to recognise and respond to early signs of a serious infective illness, where there has been a failure to carry out or to properly interpret diagnostic tests or where there has been inadequate treatment or resuscitation of a patient affected by the onset of sepsis. It is now well established that time is of the essence in identifying and treating sepsis with delays in treatment being the prime cause of mortality in affected patients. As sepsis results in a reduction of blood flow to vital organs, it can cause extensive necrotic damage to vital organs and result in long term health problems in patients who recover following treatment.

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If your or a family member has experienced a septic illness during the course of medical treatment, it is of importance to seek expert advice in relation to whether there may be grounds for bringing a claim* in respect of the adequacy of the treatment which you or your family member received. Such a claim may well allow you to fund remedial surgery which may be required, to fund the care necessary to address the consequences of the septic illness as well as to compensate you for the pain, suffering and loss of amenities which has been associated with any negligent care and management.

Our Legal Expertise

Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company Solicitors have an experienced and expert team of medical negligence lawyers.

Our team is headed by Susan Stapleton and David Harris who have each practiced in medical negligence and healthcare law for over 25 years.

Our Experience

Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company has considerable experience in the investigation and management of claims involving the failure to promptly diagnose and treat sepsis in symptomatic patients. In particular, we have been involved in bringing legal claims involving the development of sepsis following the onset of acute peritonitis after surgery, the development of sepsis during chemotherapy treatment for endometrial cancer, a septic illness in the setting of undiagnosed liver failure and septicaemia as a complication of ascending infection following prolonged rupture of membranes during childbirth.

Due to our knowledge and experience, we are in a position to provide you with detailed advice regarding the prospects of successfully bringing a legal claim following a full assessment of the circumstances of your septic illness, to secure the expert evidence which would be necessary in order to fully investigate and establish your legal claim and to guide you through the legal processes which are involved in bringing such a medical negligence action.

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