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Cosmetic surgery (also known as aesthetic surgery) has become increasingly popular as a means of improving a person’s appearance. All forms of surgery have inherent risks of complications. However, unsatisfactory outcomes from cosmetic surgery, including from serious infections, excessive scarring, nerve damage and chronic pain, can be particularly debilitating because of the essentially elective nature of cosmetic surgery.  There may be concerns that such surgery has been undertaken without the provision of adequate information to the patient concerning the risks associated with the procedure, that the surgery itself has been carried out to an inadequate standard, that the procedure was not appropriate for the circumstances of the patient or that inadequate arrangements were made for post-operative monitoring and care.

Patients may consider that the outcome of the surgery is very different to his/her expectations causing significant psychological distress and the potential need for further or revision surgery.

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If you have experienced a poor outcome or complications arising from a cosmetic surgical procedure, it is important to seek advice in relation to whether you were provided with sufficient information to provide informed consent to the surgery which was carried out and whether that surgery was undertaken to a reasonable standard of care.  If you were not provided with sufficient information in relation to risks prior to surgery or if the complications you have experienced are attributable to inadequacies in the treatment which you received, a legal claim* may be able to be brought in order to fund remedial surgery to improve your current condition and/or to obtain appropriate compensation for the pain, suffering and loss of amenities which you have experienced as a consequence of the inadequate treatment and may continue to experience in the future. 

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Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company Solicitors have an experienced and expert team of medical negligence lawyers.

Our team is headed by Susan Stapleton and David Harris who have each practiced in medical negligence and healthcare law for over 25 years.

Our Experience

Our lawyers have considerable experience in representing clients who have experienced complications from surgical procedures including from cosmetic surgery.  We will be in a position to provide you with detailed advice regarding the prospects of successfully bringing a legal claim following a full assessment of the circumstances of your particular injury/complications, to secure the expert evidence which will be necessary to fully investigate and to establish your legal claim and to guide you through the legal processes which are involved in bringing a medical negligence claim of this nature.

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